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Jurassic Park

Based upon the popular 1993 film, Jurassic Park returns with Microgaming’s 243-ways-to-win pay way system triggered Bonuses and high-set wild symbols. Your chances are always increasing, and massive payouts are always around the corner. With a little experience, Jurassic Park’s awesome experiences are unleashed, delivering a plethora of reels and unlimited excitement.

Game of Thrones

Exquisite graphics and an epic theme define Game of Thrones. This 15-payline slot offers five reels and 243 ways to win. With royal votes and an abundance of playable features, Game of Thrones delivers a colorful array of poker symbols, wilds and dark themes. “Red and black” is the name of the game here. Will you get lucky, or will you face the Lannister shield?

Immortal Romance

With 243 ways to win, Immortal Romance pairs dark, inspirational themes with four Free Spins, random reel Bonuses and a 3,645,000-credit jackpot. Gambling has never been better, and Free Spins have never taken such a twist. Immortal Romance is ready, and its Microgaming-supported software is powerful.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II has an iconic logo, and it’s well deserved. With Thor, Odin, Loki and a multitude of symbols, the game’s high-paced rolls and spins offer 243 ways to win with style. Will you nab the winning combination? Three-hundred-coin wagers are available, and Thunderstruck II players are always welcome to enjoy the game’s intense scatter symbols.

3 Card Poker (Gold Series)

You’ve never experienced three-card poker like this. The all-new, Gold Series 3 Card Poker game offers an exclusive 40-1 possible payoff, multiple hands per game and top-quality payouts. Make sure your deposits are ready: three-card video poker is here, and it’s ready for action.

Caribbean Draw Poker (Gold Series)

A five-card-draw poker variant, Caribbean Draw Poker offers a 52-card deck, a two-card draw with the dealer and high-stakes jackpots. Microgaming’s house favorite poker game never fails to impress, and its top-quality graphics have inspired poker players for years. Are you ready?

Hold’Em High (Gold Series)

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker has a communal, lasting effect. Players can win through both small and big blinds, and online dealers always keep play concise, fun and valuable. A Gold Series cornerstone, Hold’Em High never fails to impress players — and its available here! Try your hand, place your bets and prepare for action!

Triple Pocket Hold’Em (Gold Series)

One of Microgaming’s best additions, Triple Pocket Hold’Em brings players 50-times Bonuses, triple pockets, held cards and “Deal Again” rushes. With extensive playtime delivered through awesome game states, Triple Pocket Hold’Em has earned its rightful place alongside the online poker greats. Triple Pocket Hold’Em is accessible at multiple, accessible wagers.

French Roulette (Gold Series)

A brilliant Microgaming addition, French Roulette delivers a low house edge for high accessibility. Whether you’re playing for Free or for winnings, French Roulette ensures high-paced plays and great deposit options. Get your credits ready, because French Roulette is ready for match Bonuses. Great features await, as do lucrative bonuses.

European Roulette (Gold Series)

Exceptional features, options and rewarding play define European Roulette. The Gold Series delivers high-end, ambient sound, a 7.2-percent house edge and other, great opportunities. One of Microgaming’s best online games, European Roulette is a common choice within online casinos — and for good reason. Red splits, black splits and zero game bets offer exceptional rewards.

Multi Wheel Roulette (Gold Series)

Multi Wheel Roulette offers eight wheels of excitement, astounding graphics and a classic, 37-pocket design. The game’s unique spin options and intricate details make it a favored classic, and every wager is multiplied by used wheels. Your gaming experience deserves great encounters, and Multi Wheel Roulette delivers.

Multi Player Roulette Table (Gold Series)

Multiple reels, superb features and enhanced visuals have revamped an old favorite to deliver extreme gaming. The Gold Series Multi Player Roulette Table offers a multitude of winning options, and your digital credits are never wasted when custom gaming experiences are offered. Charted spins, laid-out wagers and high stakes never fail to impress, and Multi Player Roulette never fails to please return visitors.

Atlantic City (Gold Series)

Crafted to resemble Atlantic City’s casino blackjack games, the Gold Series Atlantic City offers full-force options and intense play. It’s accessible for beginning players, an all are welcome to test the table. Microgaming’s pride child is back, and its well-produced selection offers a genuinely exciting atmosphere.

Classic Blackjack (Gold Series)

Reaching 21 points has never been so satisfying. Classic Blackjack Gold is one of the online world’s favored, double-betting wonders, and additional cards create a highly rewarding atmosphere. Regardless of gaming objectives, fun, high-stakes and customizable play are Classic Blackjack standards, and both new and experienced players are welcome to join.

Double Exposure (Gold Series)

Do you seek something different? Double Exposure Blackjack offers eight decks of mystery, excitement and face-up play. Of course, such rules require strategy — and many Double Exposure Gold Series players gravitate to the game for such reasons. It’s time to be the casino, and it’s time to play this highly unique blackjack variant.

High Streak Blackjack (Gold Series)

Granting players the advantage of Rebet and Rebet X2, High Streak Blackjack delivers dominant features capable of providing big-hit play. With highly strategic and intuitive play, High Streak Blackjack shows off Microgaming’s finest offerings. It’s a change of pace, and it’s a welcome experience for gaming enthusiasts.

High Limit Baccarat

Played like classic baccarat, High Limit Baccarat offers exceptional betting limits, eight-to-one objectives and a three-card ending. Bank and player bets define the game’s rules, and Microgaming’s graphics create a cutting yet classic feel. Players needn’t travel far to experience such an excellent game, and it’s all here — ready for you.

Baccarat (Gold Series)

Sometimes, classics are better. Gold Series Baccarat offers mystery and intrigue, and its offering of excellent banker, player and tie bets is uncanny. The game’s eight decks provide a wealth of opportunities, and expansive play is welcomed when baccarat is played. Take a chance, and place your stakes.

Vegas Craps

Created to partner the real-life craps experience, Vegas Craps does Las Vegas casinos justice with high wagers and great betting controls. Of course, Vegas Craps would hold little effectiveness without responsive software — so Microgaming’s intuitive game atmosphere is welcomed and highly regarded.

Sic Bo

The renowned Chinese dice game, Sic Bo, is one of strategy and intuitive play style. Microgaming’s features have redefined brick-and-mortar offerings, creating high-end atmospheres capable of supporting each player’s strategy. Unique in its own design, Sic Bo has been an industry favorite for years.